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Punjabi culture

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Punjabi Culture

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Punjabi Culture

Essay on culture of Pakistan Culture comprises of the virtues and codes that retain in any particular nation, which becomes the traditional value of that nation. Every country has its own culture. In Pakistan, we come across many different cultures which depict us as a nation.

The Government of Punjab is a provincial government in the federal structure of Pakistan, is based in Lahore, the capital of the Punjab Province. The Chief Minister of Punjab (CM) is elected by the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab to serve as the head of the provincial government in Punjab, wowinternetdirectory.comy: Pakistan.

The Government of Punjab is a provincial government in the federal structure of Pakistan, is based in Lahore, the capital of the Punjab Province. The Chief Minister of Punjab (CM) is elected by the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab to serve as the head of the provincial government in Punjab, Pakistan.

Pakistan geography is the mixture of south Asia, central Asia and west Asia so the culture of Pakistan is unique then the rest of countries, it’s a combination of Islamic, regional, English and global influences, Increasing globalization has improved the pressure of western culture and Pakistan culture.

CULTURE OF PAKISTAN 1. CULTURE – (DEFINITION, SOURCES, TRAITS) Cultural Backround of Punjab Essay Cultural backround of Punjab Punjabi Culture is the culture of the Punjab region.

Cultures of Pakistan Essay

It is one of the oldest in world history, dating from ancient antiquity to the modern era. We will write a custom essay sample on Cultures of Pakistan specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now The Tabla, Dhol, Dholki, Chimta, Flute and Sitar are all common instruments of this delightful culture.

Different forms of dance in Punjab are: Loddi, Dhamal, Sammi, Kikli, Gatka, Bhangra, Giddha and Dandiya.

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